This whole working thing is kind of lame.

Just yesterday I was complaining that there was not enough mall traffic to constitute three people working. . . but now I am all alone and I swear to god I am so bored my face is melting.

The worst part about it isn't the boredom though. the worst part by far is most definitely the tunic I have to wear.

At first I was like. "Hells yes I'll where the uber soft cotton waffle weave shirt". . . but I am fast growing to hate it with the burning fiery passion of a thousand exploding suns. it's too big, it's too hot, and is not nearly as comfortable as originally anticipated. I am fairly certain that though I lack curly golden locks, the three bears are going to be demanding their shirt back any moment.

Basically I think it was pretty obvious that this post was more about quelling not only the voices of those who wont stop pestering me to update, but also the intense boredom that I am currently enduring.

I do however, have access to the beautiful wikipedia, where hours of boredom can be quelled by filling my brain with the most useless of inaccurate knowledge.