An Aspect of Motherhood I Never Took Into Consideration

It’s been 5 weeks now since Oliver made his entrance into the world, and those 5 weeks have mostly been spent at my breast in front of the television, or at my breast in the bedroom under a book, or at my breast while I try to fold laundry with one hand, the monotony of which is occasionally interrupted by a car ride to Tim Horton’s, and our weekly mommy meeting.

Our mommy meetings (The YMCA’s ‘Y’s Moms program that I’ve mentioned before) have been instrumental to my sanity thus far as it provides me with a hole room full of people to talk to other than Oliver and Das Piper.

At first I was so happy to have these people that if I were a puppy I would have wagged my tale so hard I fell over, then piddled on the floor. Not only were these other mothers PEOPLE TO TALK TO! But they were people to talk to who didn’t mind me talking at great length about my new favorite subject! They were people who would listen with actual interest as I went on and on about Oliver this and Oliver that. Best of all they were people who wouldn’t raise their eyebrows in disgust when I started talking about boobs and poop and barf.

Now I am, realizing the true cost of this opportunity. . . Having to smile and nod and talk to people that I would never ever in a million years put up with if it weren’t for the fact that our children are only weeks or days apart.

My usual blunt self would have absolutely no problem saying ‘Hey, you know what? We have nothing in common, you’re really boring/annoying, I don’t really want to be your friend.’ It’s not like our children are old enough to have any kind of awareness of, let alone relationship with each other. So why am I so hell bent on being nice to some of these women? It’s not like also being a mother automatically makes me their friend.

As Oliver grows up this problem will only get worse, as he grows I will no doubt find myself on sports sidelines, and parent comities, or in play groups with people that I absolutely cannot stand. And in a city this small I may end up on sports sidelines and parent comities and in play groups with many of these very women, most of whom I like just fine, but some of which annoy the shit out of me. How on earth am I going to deal with that? He’s only 5 weeks old and I am already having trouble. Am I just being a big baby for complaining about having to be nice and bite my tongue for once?


GIST #25 of 365

1) A little warmth after a week of cold, rain, and snow.

2) The quiet laziness of an empty Sunday after a bit of a whirl wind week.

3) Fussy baby finally sleeping. . . . Oops I spoke too soon. . . But the last 10 minutes were blissful.

4) Almost forgotten Thanksgiving leftovers in the freezer.

5) The smell of Penitin diaper cream.


Dear Oliver;

I know that you're only 3 weeks old, and that you have been working very hard on your 3 week old duties. . . Like that extra leg roll you grew over night, and adding 2 seconds to your holding your own head up record. . . But could we maybe work on a facial expression other than looking bored and unimpressed with me?

Also, I am worried that people won't believe me when I tell them that your toes are so cute that I want to eat them, so as you may have noticed I've been trying to take pictures. I would appreciate it if you could keep them still long enough to get a decent snapshot.

On a third and final note; I know that you're your father's son and all. . . but I don't appreciate you hiding your little face behind rude fingers when the camera comes out.

Love you forever and ever;

Your Mommy


GIST #24 of 365

1) A 3 1/2 hour nap for Oliver and I in the middle of the afternoon.

2) My old jeans fit. . . . Sort of. . . They're really tight, but I can button them up!

3) Oliver may be a bit young yet for the Twilight Turtle, but it sure works to relax me.

4) Being able to appreciate the beauty of all this early snow because I don't have any reason to go out in it unless I want to.

5) Dorky camera angles make sleeping babies more interesting. 6) Das Piper has somehow managed to sucsessfully move said sleeping baby from my lap to the bed without waking him! My tired breasts are most thankful for the extra hour of rest!