GIST #24 of 365

1) A 3 1/2 hour nap for Oliver and I in the middle of the afternoon.

2) My old jeans fit. . . . Sort of. . . They're really tight, but I can button them up!

3) Oliver may be a bit young yet for the Twilight Turtle, but it sure works to relax me.

4) Being able to appreciate the beauty of all this early snow because I don't have any reason to go out in it unless I want to.

5) Dorky camera angles make sleeping babies more interesting. 6) Das Piper has somehow managed to sucsessfully move said sleeping baby from my lap to the bed without waking him! My tired breasts are most thankful for the extra hour of rest!

1 comment:

dk said...

Look at those loveerly chubby cheeks. Beautiful.

And back in your jeans already? You go girl - it doesn't matter if they're lie down on the bed have to get a friend with a hangar to do them up tight - they're on! YAY!!!!

It's nce to see that Das Piper's practice with many over indulgent friends has a practical pay off;)

Miss you both - still workin on the iknes - tho I did go to Sparky's last weekend.

My bday party is Mon Oct 26/09 at OHees after 6 -cheezioke - if you can tear yourself away from the angel. Das Piper too. If you can't - no worries - babies smell sooo goood. Well, most of the time ;)