GIST 6 of 365

1) I found 30$ I forgot I had on my paypal account!

2) after realizing that Amazon didn't take paypal (BOO!) I decided to instead treat myself to a new Bitch CD! And some other music.

3) But on my way to finally deciding on said CD, I stumbled across FREE STUFF! that I didn't need any of my newly found pennies for!

4) And also contemplated buying some smart ass stationary.

5) Now I am going to have a nap, and we all know that naps are glorious things.


GIST 5 of 365 aka 5 Rockin Bitches

1)Le Tigre - Well Well Well

2)Bitch - Two Girls Strong

3)Rachelle Van Zanten - Take Me Right Back

4)Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

5)Little Miss Higgins - In the Middle of Nowhere


GIST 4 0f 365

1) The days are getting longer, and small patches of brown grass are poking out of the snow in the yard.

2) This morning I found a plum that tasted like a plum.

3) Thinking about doing this to Das Piper. . . *evil grin*

4)Launching a plan to convince my dad that he needs a better BBQ so that I may put his old one to use.

5) All of this talk about plums and today I read that my baby is about the size of one. . . at first I found it creepy, but now I think it's kind of funny.



Is there a place on this earth where Plums are in season all year round?

I would like to live in such a place.

The off season ones from the grocery store taste like tart pulp.