Open letter to my day

Dear Fat Angry Woman;

Next time you are in a store buying a pair of skin tight white leggings, I hope someone walks up to you and starts yelling "NO! NO! That's no good! That won't work!". Just like you did to the poor sap who was buying a knock off bluetooth headset from me.

Dear Smelly People;

I am, from now on, charging you 5$ a minute to talk to you.

Dear Brian;

Thank you for walking by my store so innocently and letting me fulfill my life long dream of heckling a Backstreet Boy.

Dear My Inexplicable Rage;

Thank you for giving me something other than intense boredom to focus on today.


more pearls

Ok, so I have been neglecting this blog. . . I am sorry. The truth is that I am the most boring person in the world, really I am.

Even though I have just returned from an epic magical musical tour of western Canada, and even though I am planning an adventure of greater proportions to Europe, I have absolutely nothing to say.

Or at least, nothing that doesn't amount to long and drawn out, though witty, complaining about my life at work and the people who I meet there.

So I'll just throw some more pearls before swine out there and hope for the best.