Evolution of a Snowman

Winter has come with vengeance; and in this vengeance she has brought about 10 inches of snow.

and when life gives you snow. . . you make snowmen. . .

At first our snow man was a very vanilla snowman:
Then our snowman evolved. . . With every passing drunkard looking to find some shelter and a pint, our snowman was added to until he had evolved into a rather tall beast capable of human interaction. . . like arguing with Das Piper:

After a while, our snowman grew legs. . . which would have been an awesome step in his evolution had we not gotten him very drunk. His first attempt at walking did not go very well.

Poor guy. . . Better luck next time.


Secret Agents

I have now seen two serious looking men with those clear curly cord things running up their necks to their ears. . . both trying very hard to blend in. . .

I am apparently the only person working the mall today who has noticed.

make that three.

I am wondering if this is some kind of paranoia setting in or if there really are secret agents running around the mall today.