GIST #19 of 365

1) Even though I have yet to get a final answer from MY doctor as to whether or not I can wear bug repellent, I am excited about our camping trip this weekend to the Ness Creek Music Festival. Even more excited than the time a few friends and I painted 'Ness or bust' on the back of the jeep we would be driving. . . p.s, I am sorry Heather's sister that the paint we used took multiple rains and washes to be fully removed from your truck.

2) Even though I am overcoming the crushing disappointment at being told that, under no circumstances, am I allowed to ever paint anything on the back, or any other part, of his car. . . I think Das Piper is the bees knees for being brave enough to spend three nights on an air mattress with a woman who is 7 months pregnant. . . I can see myself rolling over and the weight of the belly creating enough force to bounce him right out of the tent.

3) I know I am tooting my own horn here. . . But I am super excited about all of the delicious food that I've been cooking over the past few weeks for this trip. . . How is it I always manage to eat better while camping than at any other point during the year?

4) I am even excited-er about all of the good company I will have at the festival this year. . . Not only will we be surrounded by other young families that will be grooving to our same beat. . . But travelling and camping with our friend and her 1 year old will give us some much needed knowledge about exactly what this same trip will be like for us next year.

5) I bought a new sun dress (on clearence!), and I am sure you can guess how I feel about wearing it and staying cool and comfortable at the festival. . . That's right! I am excited!


How Many Hours Of YOUR Life Has Micheal Jackson's death Stolen From You?

OK, I am done. . . . I am fucking sick of it. . . Is it really necessary to put a live memorial for a psychotic child molester on every second damned channel?

The 24-7 coverage is not only becoming tiresome, but also offensive. For anyone else who was wondering, here are the headlines that CBC news world could have been covering. . . A few of which have a lot more impact on my life than Micheal Jackson's death.
  • The bodies of two Canadian soldiers, who were killed when there helicopter was shot down 50 miles north of Kandahar, Left Afghanistan and are being returned home. These deaths bring the total to 124 Canadians killed on the Afghanistan mission since 2001.
  • The Chinese Xinjiang province has been put under curfew as part of a crack down on protesters as Han Chinese clashed with Uighur in the capitol yesterday. Reports say that there have been 156 deaths related to the ethnic dispute.
  • A report from the parliamentary budget office says that Canada will continue to rack up insane debt. . . By the 2013-2014 fiscal period the deficit is projected to be 16.7 Billion dollars.
  • The city of London unveiled a memorial for the victims of the July 7th bus bombing 4 years ago.
  • U.S Government finalized new stem cell research regulations, the regulations have opened up 700 stem cell lines to tax-payer funded stem cell research.