GIST #19 of 365

1) Even though I have yet to get a final answer from MY doctor as to whether or not I can wear bug repellent, I am excited about our camping trip this weekend to the Ness Creek Music Festival. Even more excited than the time a few friends and I painted 'Ness or bust' on the back of the jeep we would be driving. . . p.s, I am sorry Heather's sister that the paint we used took multiple rains and washes to be fully removed from your truck.

2) Even though I am overcoming the crushing disappointment at being told that, under no circumstances, am I allowed to ever paint anything on the back, or any other part, of his car. . . I think Das Piper is the bees knees for being brave enough to spend three nights on an air mattress with a woman who is 7 months pregnant. . . I can see myself rolling over and the weight of the belly creating enough force to bounce him right out of the tent.

3) I know I am tooting my own horn here. . . But I am super excited about all of the delicious food that I've been cooking over the past few weeks for this trip. . . How is it I always manage to eat better while camping than at any other point during the year?

4) I am even excited-er about all of the good company I will have at the festival this year. . . Not only will we be surrounded by other young families that will be grooving to our same beat. . . But travelling and camping with our friend and her 1 year old will give us some much needed knowledge about exactly what this same trip will be like for us next year.

5) I bought a new sun dress (on clearence!), and I am sure you can guess how I feel about wearing it and staying cool and comfortable at the festival. . . That's right! I am excited!


dk said...

Love the new hair and I am sure y'all will have a great time even if Das Piper gets bounced a few times ;)

buddha pendant said...

agree with you very much