oh noI have been tagged!

wench hit me with the weird, it kinda hurt.

7 random or weird things about the yourself

The rules are as follows:
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my 7 random things:

I think gum pain feels good, when I brush my teeth, which is often, I scrub until it feels tingly and raw. I am aware that this is horrible for my dental hygeine, but I can't stop myself.
I have more names than John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmit. They take up two lines on my birth certificate.
3)I pretend to appreciate smart humour and dry wit, but I laugh the hardest at dick and fart jokes.
4)Sometimes I think I smell Electricity. I can't describe what it smells like, and I've never met anyone else who can, but it pops up in random places and drives me bonkers.
5)I hate Regis Philban more than I hate fascists, hamsters, mouth-breathers, and just about anything else in the world. whenever I see him on TV I have the sudden urge to kill every living thing in a five block radius before buying a plain ticket to wherever the hell he is and killing him.
6)I have a permanent crack in the nail on my left big toe from when a toy dinosaur was dropped on it at the age of 8.
7)The word 'gush' freaks me out. The reason why is not my story to share, but ever since 3 years ago that word makes me gag, and laugh at the same time. Consiquently, whenever I see children eating 'Gushers' candy, I die a little inside.

This is the part where I am supposed to tag other people, but,

contrary to the suggestion made by the title of this blog, I am not overly popular, and all the seven people I know in the blog-o-sphere have already been tagged. . . and I of coarse assume that there are no tag-backs. . . cause if thier were it would start a never ending vicious cycle of tagging that would no doubt result in a catastrauphic ripping of the space time continuum causing the sun to explode, the arrival of four angry dudes on horses, and the Toronto Maple Leafs actually winning the Stanley cup.

so I'll just say, if anyone who hasn't been tagged reads this, consider yourself tagged.


Schmutzie said...

There is a "Law & Order" episode in which a character can smell electricity when her sense of smell is turned on high due to her pregnancy.

I'm not saying that you're pregnant or anything. You've just got a sensitive nose.

Anonymous said...

At first I never thought you would let it out, but I'm glad the dam finally broke and you could let all your feeling gush fourth.
At first I thought it was pee.

Abigail Road said...

The word gush, is gross. I'm with you on that one.

wench said...

Not only can I smell electricity I often hear it. The smell is when ionization is particularily high. Can you hear flourescent light tubes?