Be Kind to Pedestrians!

Here is a copy of the angry letter I have just sent to Boardwalk Rental Communities. I wanted to share it here just to underline the point I've made in the letter that I not only don't recommend their company, but am absolutely and full heartedly in favour of taking the people who run and own this company, tying them to trees, and giving everyone who has ever had the misfortune of doing business with them the opportunity to throw rotten garbage at them.

I think they must be aware of their own ass-hattery as they have removed the 'complaints' section of their "contact us" page since the last time I had to write them an angry letter, so I had to sent it as a "rental enquiry".

Dear Boardwalk;
This is just a reminder that in the city of ******, ****. your company is responsible for the maintenance of all public sidewalks that border your property. The reason I felt the need to remind you of this is that in the 5 blocks along south *** ******, from my apartment (That I do not and would never rent from you.) to the bus stop at the ****** **** ******** ******, your properties were the only ones not cleared of snow at 6 o'clock this evening. Even after the incredibly large snow fall we had last night and today, every apartment manager in every one of the buildings on this street not owned by your company had managed to clear the sidewalks, on a Saturday no less! I should think, what with the sky high, and practically criminal, amounts of money that you charge your tenants for rent, that you would be able to afford to have someone take care of that. This is just one of the many reasons why I will never rent from your company, and will continue to tell every person I know that being homeless would be preferable to doing business with you.

Thank you so much for your time.

Angry pedestrian:
J***** W**********

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