Wordless Wednesday - Big Fluffy Rock Star Hearts

All photos this week are courtesy of Wenchwire


Tori said...

Ah - sweet relationship navigation.

He is willing to give consent to something he is uncomfortable with - because he loves you.

You are uncomfortable with doing something you have no uber-compelling reason to do because it will make him uncomfortable, because you love him.

I don't have any advice; you're going to have to figure this one out between the two of you. I am pleased that you seem to be going about this in a thoughtful, sensitive way, with love, tenderness and respect for one another's feelings and values.

After that, the rest is just details.

Much love,

dk said...

The 2nd pic is one of the best I've taken but my fave is the smile in the 3rd.

lulusparrow said...

Ur husband LOOKS like a musician!! Love the pics!!!!!