Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been given a Beautiful Blogger Award by Jennifer over at Connected Mom!

The rules are really very simple: 1) link to the person who nominated you, 2) tell 7 things about yourself people might not know 3) nominate 15 more beautiful bloggers!

Before you read the 7 super-duper interesting things about me, go check out the Connected Mom Blog! Jennifer writes about many of the things I love like breastfeeding, baby wearing, and natural and attachment parenting. She is TEH awesome!

1) When I was a little girl I wanted more than anything to be a marine biologist when I grew up. I made this decision living on the bald Canadian Prairie having never even seen the ocean with my own eyes. When I finally did see the ocean I still loved it and everything in it, but realized that I was far too frightened of it to go any further than ankle deep and would probably not enjoy a career than involved actually getting IN the ocean.

2) I recently took up the Ukulele. I always thought that I could be a really musical person. Never mind that I never really learned to play an instrument, and was rarely given any choir or musical theatre solos in school, I was convinced that I possessed the hidden talent to be a rock star. As it turns out the best way to test ones musical acuity is to try tuning an instrument by ear. . . I just can't do it. I can play several simple Ukulele tunes, but I need Das Piper to tune my instrument for me every time.

4) Despite my long time Vegetarianism, when I was pregnant I craved stove-top turkey stuffing. I did my best to ignore this craving. Not only was I set in my decision to remain vegetarian throughout my pregnancy, I also knew that introducing that amount of pure sodium into my system would be asking for trouble. I finally gave in around my second trimester. I had been so sick that I simply convinced myself that it wouldn't really be eating it if I was just going to throw it up again within the hour. . . I ate the whole box, on several occasions. . . and ya know what? Not only did I develop a pretty bad case of preclampsia late in my third trimester, but IT WAS DELICIOUS!

5) I have to touch the car window every time we drive over train tracks. There are several reasons why that I have some up with in my head, but the fact is I just have to, there is no good reason.

6) FRINGE SPOILER ALERT! I don't believe that the Walternate is trying to build a machine to close the holes between our universe and the alternate universe, I think he is building a weapon to take over and occupy our universe when the alternate is destroyed.

7) When I was pregnant with Oliver, Das Piper and I had already settled on a different name for him. We were going to name him Duncan. 4 months before he was born I was at the grocery store and realized that with that name his full name would sound very similar to a brand of instant cake mix. . . I contemplated not saying anything and using our original name anyways. . . I am pretty sure just contemplating giving a kid such a ridiculous name makes me a pretty terrible person.

Ok, there you have it, 7 random things about me that you may or may not have known. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking "How does she know what I am thinking?" and after that you're thinking, "This woman is really quite boring". So here are 15 bloggers who are much more interesting than I am that I would like to pass the beautiful blogger award on to!

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Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it =)

Congrats on your award ♥

Erin said...

Aww, I really appreciate this! I love getting rewards, although I have to admit that it takes me quite a while getting around to posting them. I will certainly get it up this week though! :)

As for tuning your ukelele, I play guitar and have for years. I still sometimes have problems getting perfect pitch by ear. You just have to keep doing it and keep practicing at it before you can recognize when the strings have gone flat/sharp/whatever. When I'm having issues with my guitar, I go to an online tuner and tune it that way. I found one you can use for a ukelele here: http://www.get-tuned.com/ukulele_tuner.php Or you can just Google, "Ukelele tuner."

Hope that helps, and thanks again! <3

dk said...

Duncan... I am still chuckling since Olly is such a little cupcake;)

I have to lift my feet up when I drive over traintracks which becomes problematical at best when you are the driver. Don't know why but I do.

Schmutzie said...

Thank you! So sweet!

Ukulele? I have one, too, but have yet to pick it up to play it. I did by a cheap tuner machine thingy to help me when I do, though.

I heart Stove Top Stuffing with the fire of a thousand suns and only share the box with the Palinode to ease my conscience about consuming that much trash. God, but it's good.

I'm glad you guys didn't name him Duncan. My word but that would have been hilarious. I worked with a woman who wanted to name her son Brock. Luckily, they tried it out with their last name before actually doing it. Their last name? Lee.