GIST: 2 of 365

Welcome to my new life as an incubator! Where simplicity is . . . you know. . . something. My days now pass in a series of naps interrupted occationally with old episodes of the x-files and food.

But despite occational bordum, there is much to be greatful for!

1) a big comfy sweater

2) Finding out that even though it's been 12 years andI am all growed up, I am still freakin terrified of mothmen.

3) spagetti made by my dear sweet papa

4) das piper, who is willing to put up with pretty much any swing of my mood

5) sweet little owl hats by madhelmeteer on etsy. . . . can you say babyshower wishlist?


dk said...

an incubator ... ye gods I love you bebe!

Schmutzie said...

And how's that incubating going, girl?