GIST 3 of 365

1) my voice echoing back at me from the empty walls of my new home.

2) pondering whether or not Richard Belzer will try to resurrect the lovable and paranoid Det. John Munch in yet another television show after this last season of Law and Order: SVU. ( see: Homicide: life on the street, The X-files, Arrested Development, Law and order: Sports Utility Vehicle, Law and Order: Original cheddar, and Law and Order: Trial by jury.)

3) My new home has a purple bathtub and decent water pressure!

4) The little pink drawings of pregnant broads on the life saving anti-nausea pills my doctor gave me.

5) A three week old Pygmy hippo! I imagine it swimming around in my purple bathtub.

1 comment:

Schmutzie said...

I'm jealous of your purple bathtub.