Multiple Sclerosis Walk For a Cure

Oliver and I have Signed up For the Multiple Sclerosis walk for a cure on April 25th. The decision for us to do so was an easy one, we may not have the extra cash to donate our own money, but we do have time and energy to give.

In Saskatchewan especially, MS effects many families, including ours, in a huge way on a daily basis. I find a lot of hope in recent research and breakthroughs. With a little luck, and a lot of hard work and generosity we could see an end to MS in our lifetime.

I have decided on a target donation goal of 500$. If you would like to contribute to our goal you may do so here.


Malcolm+ said...

I could set up a FB group and promote it to my 930 friends. That's how I raised more than $1300 for the head and beard shave.

Pocket.Buddha said...

That would be great! thanks dad!