Pocket Buddha's Covet List #2

I know it's only February, and that stupid groundhog is a big stupid fraidy-hog. But I am telling you I can smell spring, I can feel it looming, I just know it will be here soon. SO of coarse I've been looking at all sorts of fun summer type things that would make this next summer awesome!

1) I am so tired of carrying our bulky awkward diaper bag around. . . The purse I coveted before I had Oliver is amazing, but sadly not big enough for both mine and Oliver's things. So of coarse, I am gonna need a bigger bag! A giant tote bag that I can throw a "diaper clutch" , "ouch pouch", Toy, icky bag, and camera into along with my wallet and other necessities would be awesome!

2) The Devinci Lifestyle is a beautiful if expensive bike designed for leisurely rides through the park. I like the step through frame because it makes the bike easy to mount, so when I get Oliver a seat on the back I won't need to swing my leg over his head when getting on the bike.Its also designed with the seat further back over the rear wheel, this gives me the ability to plant both of my feet while still sitting on the seat giving me a comfortable level of control and balance. Important for when I have Oliver's weight at the back!

3) Safety First! The Little Nutty line of adjustable size helmets for toddlers and small children by Nutcase are both safe and adorable! Many of their designs also come in adult sizes! Among by favorites: Tie-dye, Caution, Polka-dot, and Eight ball.

4) I know I already have one that I love! But one can never have too many baby slings and wraps! I would love to have one of these cozy Moby Wraps on hand for festival season! I recently bought Oliver a teething necklace from the Babe on U Boutique and saw that she had an impressive collection of slings and wraps, as well as many eco-friendly, and mama-made products. I will definitely be heading back there to buy one!

5) Grocery shopping sucks, and while I am a frequent shopper at the weekly farmer's market, I still think it would be awesome to have a bin of fresh organic produce delivered to my door every week! Body Fuel Organics has such a program that I hear is relatively inexpensive.

6) The Vintage Pearl makes some really cute personalized jewelry! Without all the extra sweaters and scarves of winter I would really be able to show off my new motherhood even when Oliver's not around with one of these!


dk said...

The bag I bought for traveling might be just what you need darlin. It slings over your shoulder or across your back - ergonomic with a strap that went around me at my largest and actually worked to balance the frontage especially if you're carrying Olly. It's an American Traveler bag and it's specifically for traveling with babies, it even comes with a zippered heavy rubber pouch inside it and a foldable changing mat for necessities. Lots of poroom and pockets. For me it fit both my cameras, accesories, laptop, cables, iPod, prescriptions, makeup travel docs a book, my jewellry, and my wallet/purse, shades and snacks for the plane. It's rugged and can be washed in the washing machine. Abigail has one too now. Best bag ever. A little pricey at $80 but you can get it at the CAA travel store on Albert. Check mine out and if you need a ride - happy to oblige.

Jan said...

The Nutcase helmets are realy nice! I just saw some little guy with one of them today. I had a look at www. durst-helme.de and it was a helmet named graffiti.
Very nice :)