Pocket Buddha's Covet List:

"Enough baby stuff!" my mind screamed at me about an hour and a half ago. "You've been spending all of your time and all of your money on things for the baby, what about you?"

I totally agree with my brain. . . 6 months of constant baby things is a little excessive, if totally understandable.

Here are a few things I covet for myself:

1)Awesome recipe cards from boygirlparty.com

2)'Prey for me' T from threadless.com

3)Angry pirate ninja kitty buttons from Maustudio.com

4)Attack of the friendly octopus tote from cutoutandcollect's Esty shop!


thetypicalquirk said...

Love the octo bag!!

Btw, my twitter is being special and I can't update on my computer, not sure about my phone, and I can't accept new followers right now, it just sits there timing out. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

The octopus tote is on its way to you.

Pocket.Buddha said...

um. . . thank you! Who are you?