6 Weeks: Split Second, Or Near Eternity?

Das Piper pops his head up over his computer with a big-eyed look on his face:

"48 days? is that really all we have left?"

I lift an eyebrow at him:

"um, yeah, that's just over 6 weeks, you knew that."

My calmness doesn't seam to sooth him at all:

"maybe you should pack your hospital bag tomorrow."

This causes my eyebrow to move higher yet, I haven't seen it since, I think I may have lost it in my hairline:

"We have 6 weeks! We could order Ikea furniture in that time!"

Maybe it's because he's a carpenter and has therefore never ordered Ikea Furniture, or maybe he secretly has and was impressed with their speedy service, I am not sure, but his eyes only got wider:

"Pack your bag tomorrow, please?"

Me thinks that Das Piper is getting a little jumpy already. . . I think it's really sweet, but to me right now, in this very uncomfortable moment, 6 weeks feels like a lifetime.

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dk said...

Heh Heh - Das Piper IS so cute about this. well down a few more days now. Did you pack your bag?

I was watching your little baby image and I'm thinking your might be taking up just a bit more space than that one;)

Keep well sugar pants.