Making My Niche On The Internet A Little Prettier. . . And Bigger.

It would seam that today's boredom not only created the previous post's haiku's, but also a new layout. which I managed to paste together in my own, extremely technically limited, way.

Pretty no? In a 'You get a gold star for not eating all of your paste' kind of way.

I also got bored enough to Join Twitter today. . . Which is weird, because Twitter was on the list of Internet fads I would never consider joining, right after Face book.

I am still not going to join Face Book. I just needed an outlet to complain about general pregnancy discomfort and I figured if John Mayer can complain about his penis falling asleep from sitting cross-legged and get away with it, I can bitch about Braxton-Hicks contractions without putting anyone too far out.