Food & Mobility

It has been 6 months since Oliver was born. 6 months! That's half a year that has already sped by!

As if it wasn't bad enough that it's been a whole half a year already and I am feeling dizzy and sentimental about how fast the time is whizzing by me, it turns out that a lot of stuff happens in the 6th month of life to further prove to me that my little sunshine won't be a little baby forever.

The first of which is food. Solid food. Food other than the food that my body makes especially for him with all of the love and extra calories it can muster.

At first it looked as though I need not worry about food just yet. Which was just fine with me. Solid food may be the start of a whole new and exciting adventure in a child's life, but it is also the first step in weaning.

I do not plan to fully wean until at least 18 months of age, even the thought of partial weaning is breaking my heart, but my many and varied thoughts on that are another post all together.

So I digress, at first it looked like I wouldn't have to worry about food yet. Although at 5 1/2 months Oliver was very interested in the food on my plate and watching me eat it, he would immediately spit out/gag on any food I offered him and then shudder with disgust.

That is until we tried sweet potatoes.

Oliver would like sweet potatoes to be his new best friend.

The other major development that throws itself at you in or around the 6th month is mobility.

Oliver doesn't crawl yet... Though he's definitely interested and determined... But he has devised a system of rolling and wiggling that can pretty much get him wherever he wants to be.

And some places he didn't exactly mean to be.

Just the other day I came back from the other room to find him wedged under my armchair and grunting with exertion trying to get out. He looked almost embarrassed that I'd found him that way.


dk said...

The pics are terrific J. That is so DPs HAH! face in the first one, and the 2nd just screams "Do you have to take a picture of me here?"
Not to worry he will be around for you to love in all of his wondrous faces for a long long time.

Suzanne said...

Google Ads serves up a formula ad next to this blog entry. Very sad. =(