I am Still Fat, But Getting Thinner!

After 30 days at curves I have gained 2 pounds. . .

At first this information came as a devastating blow to my confidence in the work I’ve been doing there. At my first work out my coach Avril told me that this would happen, after all, muscle weighs more than fat, but I had convinced myself that I would be an exception, that my work outs combined with the extra 300-400 calories burned per day by breastfeeding would put me on the fast track to skinny.

I was wrong of coarse, but as my 30 day check in went on I did find some pretty cool results. I’ve lost 1 ½ inches on my bust (ya know the ‘misshapen milk pustules’ I mentioned before), 1 ½ inches on my waist, 2 inches on my abs, and 1 inch on my hips. That’s a total of 6 inches lost in just 30 days! And as I went on thinking about it through the rest of my check in and that days work out, I found that I took more comfort and pride in the immeasurable results of my membership; like the camaraderie and friendships I am forging, the energy I am finding, and the stress relieving awesomeness of a good work out.

My gym membership has also had great results for the rest of the family as well. My first few work outs were a little stressful for everyone really. Das Piper was still nervous about being alone with Oliver, and Oliver was still nervous about being anywhere where his mommy wasn’t, but now, after just over a month of my being away for an hour three times a week I no longer come back to a screaming and inconsolable baby reaching desperately for me, but a happy baby full of smiles and coos telling me about all the fun things that happened while I was gone.

When Mommy’s at the gym it’s jam time for my boys, who spend the hour playing guitar, harmonica, rain stick, chanter, rattle and ukulele. Both of them have gained a new confidence in being left to their own devices, and along with a stronger bond that I can see between father and son it has also given Das Piper the confidence to comfort, cuddle, and nurture and otherwise take and even more active roll in all of Oliver’s daily activities. In fact, when I came back the other day Oliver had ACTUALLY FALLEN ASLEEP WITHOUT ME! It hasn’t happened since, but I’ll take it!

I can feel myself getting stronger, and now, as the weather is getting progressively warmer, little bits of brown muddy grass are poking out from under the snow, and the city smells like dirt and melting dog poop, I will continue to go to the gym 3 times a week and I can add daily walking to our routine to practice for our MS walk at the end of April!


dk said...

Woop Woop! Good for you Jules. I am a struggling away and doing smaller activities until I get to the point where me knee will take a workout at the gym. Eventually we will win the war,

Abigail Road said...

Good for you!
Once it warms up, if you and Oliver want to join me and the doggies on our walks around the lake, call me! We usually go at either 10am or 1pm.