poor personal safety decisions

There are certain facts in life that one comes to rely on to get them through most situations the world presents to us.

These facts are compiled over the coarse of a lifetime, and stored in, what I like to call, the "personal safety decisions" part of a persons brain, some examples include:

Don't fuck with the bees

You can't beat gravity

Never pet a burning dog.

Skinny dipping in a lightning storm is NEVER a good idea.

. . .

You get the idea.

Today I learned a valuable lesson, and was able to add an item to my list. . .

Spontaneously rearranging heavy furniture on less than 2 hours of sleep is an activity that should be approached with extreme caution and with adult (possibly medical) supervision.


Anonymous said...

What do I need to come fix?

wench said...

swimming in a lightening storm is fun though ... cause the hair onyour amrs stands up for hours ... Mwaahahahaa