Happy Frickin' New Year

It's official . . . No matter how harmless my computer desk looks, dismantling and moving it is, and always will be, a two person job.

I am hoping that my random burst of midnight energy, and enthusiasm to fulfill my resolution to get and stay organized, did not permanently compromise the structural integrity of the stupid thing. . . nothing a little glue can't fix right????

I hope so, or this little incident will probably go down in history as another reason why I think new years resolutions are at the very least stupid, and at the very worst bad for one's physical and/or mental health.

Sure, I suppose that some would make the argument that setting goals is an important key for success. . . but most people who say that are just trying to sell books, and all the others are those stupid enough to actually buy them.

My problem with setting goals for the new year is that it will either:

A)turn out to be a huge waist of time as you'll forget about it by February

B)Turn out that the goal set was unrealistic and will turn into a sick, morbid obsession with something you cannot attain.

OR . . .

C)result in the stubbing of your toe and the breaking of your desk.

Either way it's lame and I am here by making my new resolution not to make any more resolutions.


shikou said...

Lazy Owl.
DJ Kenesis, the Rah Rahs
Tickets @ GLUBR.
bring pplz plox!
~ joel <3

wench said...

love ya baby! i decided I wanted my desk to go somewhere the original dimensions would not fit, so I got me a circular saw and made it fit.

screw resolutions - I have a 5 year plan - nice and sensible with a little extra fudge room ;)