Shit List

I was reading some older posts of Schmutzie's and ran into her list of 25 things that "shit her to tears". . . in the midst of reading the list (which I totally agree with the snot build up on children's winter coats thing by the way) I started to realize how sad it is for me that it would be much easier for me to compile a list of things that cheesed me than to write one about things that didn't. . .

I mean, why is it that I can't think of more than ten things that really delight me?

what is it in my brain that makes it easier for the universe to ruin my day than to make it?

With that thought, which has been gnawing at me for almost 24 hours now, and making it incredibly hard to concentrate on much of anything else, I have decided to force myself to think really hard and come up with 25 things that make me happy.

So here it is. . .

1) The kids, Giovanni and Celeste, who I did not carry in my womb but love as though I had.

2) Live music. Out doors, indoors, anywhere, any type.

3) The first sip of coffee in the morning, even if it's bad coffee the first sip is always satisfying.

4) The smell of freshly cut grass in the rain.

5) When you end up talking for hours into the morning after the bars have closed and you've partied yourself out but don't feel like going home, so you find a friend or two, some take out, and a park to sit in until you are ready.

6) Flirting. honest to got witty interesting flirting. not the cheesy 'I want to get in your pants' kind, but the subtle innuendo and word play kind.

7) Bare feet in the grass. You feel free and connected to the earth, but there is also the oddly exhilarating danger element of not knowing if there's a sneaky piece of glass hiding somewhere.

8) cashiers and receptionists who laugh at my stupid jokes. Especially when my friends wont, because when your friends start making fun of your horrible sense of humour you feel as though you have made an Ally of a stranger by making them laugh.

9) The somewhat hurtful, yet undeniably hilarious banter my brother and I get into when we're bored.

10) Lists . . . even if this one is already getting hard when I am not even half way through, lists are none-the-less incredibly satisfying.

11) Books. Having the time to read a book that wasn't assigned to me would be really nice, and when I get there I know it will feel great.

12)Art Galleries, I like art too, but it doesn't have a 100% chance of making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, in fact, I prefer art that doesn't, but I love art galleries, they are quiet and peaceful, and they give me that childish 'grown-up' feeling like when I was a kid and got to run to the store to by milk or something equally as lame.

13) Voting. It makes me feel a little more empowered and a little less guilty about not doing enough for the causes I am passionate about.

14) Crisp, clean, brand spanking new paper, the possibilities are endless.

15) A good pen, to go along with that brand new paper, one that glides smoothly and feels balanced and is weighty in your hand so it makes a good satisfying (but annoying to others) 'thunk' when you tap it against the page while thinking.

16) Individually wrapped pieces of cheese.

17) Making up random stories about the lives of strangers in restaurants, bus stations, bank lines and other such places.

18) Accessories. not entirely because they're shiny, or pretty, though they are, but I like the sound that bracelets make when they shift or hit the table when you put your beer down or go to write something. and the rhythm of dangly earrings when you walk at a brisk and steady pace.

19) listening to people talking and trying to pick up inflections and syntax that are unique, or give away where they've lived or been.

20) Hearing people who don't normally cuss say something vulgar and/or belligerent. Also equally as awesome when people who you think wouldn't or shouldn't cuss do it often, like a priest or elementary school teachers.

21) The fact that my fish is still around after a year of being in my care, in spite of the fact that I intentionally picked the sickliest most retarded looking fish I could find and gave it the unfortunate name of Sushi.

22) A really well made sandwich, with the perfect ratio of sauce to veggies, when the veggies are all crisp and fresh, and the cheese and bread are toasted just the right amount.

23) Cooking new and/or experimental recipes for family and friends.

24) The way a canned carbonated beverage sounds when you open it; with the pop and the hiss and the sizzle and the what not, it sounds refreshing, even though I am not usually partial to sugary pop, or canned beer.

25) the fact that I actually compiled a list of that many things that I like is kind of impressive to me, and I am feeling pretty good about it!

It only took me . . . 2 hours . . . but at least now I have proved to myself, if no one else, that I am not a negative Nelly all of the time.

I have also, however, proved that an entry about the things I like is just as boring to read as an entry of ranting about the stuff I don't . . . so I think I'll stick to what I am good at.

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Abigail Road said...

Great list.....#3 and #7 would be on my list too...if i made one.