Fidel's a chick!

Either Knuckle_toes has planted some breath mints to fuck with me, or the gecko's a girl.

The picture is pretty fuzzy, but if you look really closely you will see two little eggs nestled in the mood ships and dirt.

I saw on the discovery channel once that Geckos usually make their nests on walls like spiders. . . but I suppose it could be a difference in kind of gecko or some such thing.

either way I feel like a proud grandmother or something, even though the eggs are probably unfertilized and will never hatch. . . unless Che and Fidel were getting their freak on. . . there's a weird thought.

In other news the frog is missing and presumed dead, this combined with the sudden and mysterious death of Che last week leads me to assume that Fidel went on a pregnant hormonal rampage and killed everything in the tank because they ran out of pickles and peanut-butter flavored crickets.

I hope some kid out there doing a report on communism Googles 'Che and Fidel' and finds this.


Abigail Road said...

Viva la revolution!

dk said...

Pass the havanas ;)