pocketbuddha and knuckle toes' grand adventure of epic proportions

It started with an E-mail.

An Email sent in a 'wouldn't this be neat' manner, but with no real hope of making it happen.

but it's been decided, Knuckle toes and I are going here!

Now, of coarse, neither of us owns a car, or even knows how to drive one. And even if we did the tickets to this thing are 200 dollars, and clearly, gas on top of that is simply not going to happen, so we're going to hitch!

It's the weekend after Ness, so we will be dirty, we will be stinky, and we will probably be kind of grumpy. But there is no doubt in our minds that it will be glorious!

We've decided on a strict diet of home made trail bars, power spheres, and Vegan meal replacement bars, along with some fruit leather and beef jerky (for knuckle toes of coarse). We'll be real live outdoors women!

Donations to the cause would be much appreciated, in any form. I want to hear all kinds of adventure stories from people to get me pumped up. . . what I like to call and emotional donation. . . and, only because I know my parents are secretly reading. . . any help you can offer your lay-about daughter would be welcome.

Tom Petty here we come!!!


dk said...

awwwwww - i would so love to go, but my vacation has already been booked ... you will have a GRRRRREAT time I'm sure.

decades ago ... I thumbed all the way across Canada - both coasts took me about 5 weeks each way, what with stops to check out the local discos etc (we're talking 70's here ;) I met fantastic people and never had any trouble. Some of the trucker rides even put me up in the little overnight rooms at the truckstops - on their dime. They were just happy to have a pretty thing to talk to ... it totally changed my opinion of men in general, which at 14 was not in the greatest of shape!

go mountains!!!!!

Abigail Road said...

DK, if you're around, please hang out with me that week. 'Cause I thought I was the only one not going.

Soooooo jealous. But, I already had booked 6 weeks of holidays before I even heard about this, so poo on you. :)
Have fun!

Anonymous said...
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tori said...

You can't come all the way out to the Coast without hopping on that ferry and visiting your mother. There's a meal at Rebar waiting if you make it further West than pemberton!