this weekend was pretty hectic. but Sunday, oddly enough is the day that sticks out in my mind.

i spent the entire day with family. i don;t do that enough. after a day of shopping with the 'rents and dinner and movies i took my brother out for some bonding time.

we played trivia at local pub. I always knew my brother was a smart kid, but until that day i had no idea that he was smarter than i am.

i knew that he knew more about South American politics and history, and i know that he can kick my ass at sport trivia any day. but i had no earthly idea that he had a better grip on logical thinking.

this is the kid that i could talk into eating disgusting concoctions, jumping out of trees, giving me all of his allowance and doing my chores. . . apparently he's grown quite a bit while i wasn't looking.

i think that my bro and i should hang out more. . . in fact i am thinking about making Sundays brother and me day.

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wench said...

sunday is our crew's family day too. and if i show up at the pub on the rare occasion, I'm just visiting different family :)