hooray for first actual post!

for some reason i have been awarded some kind of nice award (seen in figure FU-1). . . i think if you ask around you'll find that things like that don't happen very often, at least not to me.

knuckle toes had this to say:

"Pocket Buddha - Like Abigail said, you are a pretty wonderful lady. You bring greetings of trail mix and kiwis, and are now my new business partner, with Greetings from Aunt Flow. Now it is time for you to show everyone how nice you can be, by posting. Go fourth and post!"

"PocketBuddha- You don't really know her yet in the blogosphere, but believe me, she's a nice lady. She brought me fruit and trail mix and good conversation throughout Folk Fest last weekend, and that alone proves how darn nice she is." says abigail road.

so now not only do i feel pressure to be nice to people, but also to post. . . even though i have nothing of consequence to say for myself, accept thank you!!!! i feel this shows that knuckle toes and abigail road actually get me. . . not in an emo sort of 'nobody gets me but my friends' sort of way, but because they have actually recognized that behind the sarcasm i do actually care for people. . . but don't tell anyone.

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