and then a bird shit on me

welcome to the official log of pocket buddha's terrible, no good, horrible, very bad day.

disclaimer: the following post is just a huge bitch fest, it may or may not make any sense, and anyone reading may or may not care, i am just putting it out there.

it all started at about 6 am, i rolled out of bed and called my dad's house. (i've been having printer set up issues and have been using my dad's as he lives a few blocks away and on my way to the bus stop) My brother answered the phone, 'brother' i said 'tell dad when he gets out of the shower that i need him to open up his e-mail so i can print off an assignment i sent him when i get there'.
now, anyone who has siblings, younger, older, it doesn't seem to matter, but anyone who has siblings can tell you that entrusting my little brother with this task was my first mistake of the day.

when i got there a half hour later, after finding out that my favorite pair of pants have an unexplainable tear over the right rear pocket, i just caught my father as he was leaving the house.
'father' i said 'did you open up your e mail so i can print off my assignment?'
'what assignment?' he said to me.
after letting out a frustrated groan i took a deep breath and shook it off. . . and i think if you ask around you would know that my shaking off anything doesn't really happen very often and should therefore be taken as a good sign right?

wrong. my father, being a very helpful man, apparently didn't have the time to go into the house and let me print, but he did have the time to offer me a ride to school, which is in the opposite direction he needed to go.
but, when i got there with an hour and a half until my first class i had plenty of time to find a computer and printer that i could get to so early in the morning and print my assignment, not to mention the thousand other things i had intended on getting done that day.

my second mistake of the day was forgetting that i am an idiot.

i forgot my wallet, so exchanging the usb cable to get my own printer up and running was out of the picture. also in my wallet was my student id, something they apparently want you to have when you ask to use a printer, which is news to me, i always thought it was just for taking things out of the library. and most of all i forgot my pen, so the homework i was planning on finishing up before class was a lost cause, which is fine because the time slot i had for this activity was taken up by me back tracking across campus to find out where i put my binder down.

when i finally did find a computer i could use without anyone bugging me. there was no printer. so in the 'there's twenty minutes until my class' mentality i simply attached it to an e mail and sent it to my prof with a long apology for the unexpected e mail and that i would print him a hard copy for class on friday.

i guess that wasn't good enough because i got a sharp reply within a few minutes telling me that assignments submitted that way would not be accepted again and that there were printers available for my use in the library. . . . another frustrated groan. . . a deep breath. . . i had just enough time for a well deserved cigarette before class.

and then a bird shit on me.

on top of all that, i found more information on the 'people i thought were my friends' front, and found out from some random stranger who apparently got the impression that i am a snob just because i am smarter than him and i stated as much, that no one else takes me as seriously as i would like to believe. . . not something that would usually phase me, but it was just one of those days. and i was inclined to believe him as i had bird shit on me.

whoever said that the bullshit that happens in high school doesn't happen in university can suck a big fat cock. because everywhere i look i am either being attacked by people who don't fucking know me, or stabbed in the back by people i thought i knew.

i think i am all done now. . .


Abigail Road said...

Now that's what I call a craptastic day.

Anonymous said...

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