i would like to think that i got myself out of my writing jitters with my first writing assigment. i may be bias; acctually i am kind of hoping i havn't because this is the scale that i will be measured against for the rest of the simester. . . .

‘Thoughts on English literature’
English 100 co5
R. Obrigewitsch

Literature has always gained a lot of my respect in that it seams to be the strongest, and most long lasting of the major art forms. While others may argue with me on this point, and they would be welcome to do so; I have always felt that the intimacy an author has with their reader is what keeps literature a relevant art form. Of coarse, all art forms have their unique attraction; theatre has the added exhilaration of being a shared experience, but is fleeting in that it lasts only within the time and place it was performed. visual art has boundless potential for exploring our physical world, but can lack a clarity that many crave. Literature, on the other hand, has a timeless quality that entices it’s audience to carefully inspect and savour all the different levels and meanings that the author has left behind. The attraction is that this assessment is often done in solitude, giving us the freedom to interpret the author’s words in a very personal way

ok, it may suck, i know, but you try summing up your experience with english literature in one paragraph.


Abigail Road said...

I likes it.

Pocket.Buddha said...

thank you. my prof seemed to like it aswell, my second assignment that i wrote after i saw you at the pub on the other hand. . . not so much