first day of school

before i say anything, i would like to say to knuckle toes that, yes, i did take time out of my night to lay out my clothes for the first day, and yes i did change my mind five times the next morning before leaving the apartment, so laugh all you want but i looked hot!!

anyways, the first day was lame and glorious all at the same time.
lame because i was lost and overwhelmed for most of the day, but glorious because even though i was lost and overwhelmed i was not sitting in my apartment watching TV wondering if it was too early to go have a beer at local pub. (although i did hit the campus bar and the welcome week beer gardens after class)

i wasn't joking about the overwhelmed bit though. . . i remember thinking in theatre arts that i was going to die if i worked any harder. . . my theatre coarse load alone this semester is double, and even without a production i have three other classes to juggle with it, all of which are medium to heavy on the work load. . . why i didn't think to balance it all out with a bogus class like. . . music appreciation or something i'll never know. (i would, at this point like to apologize to anyone who may want to flame me for that thoughtless joke about music appreciation)

the reason why this is especially overwhelming for me at the moment is that, with all the time i took off school it seams i've forgotten how to write 'good'. by which i mean i am finding that i cannot produce semi-intelligent sounding bullshit at as fast a rate as i used to be able to.

my new/old friend (old acquaintance/new friend) has assured me that it's like riding a bike.

so, in keeping with that analogy i am going to take a practice lap around the block and write a random 2-3 page essay type dealy before getting started on the papers due a week and a half from now.

somebody give me a topic!! anything, i don't care, just something.


wench said...

topic : the Importance of Music Appreciation

HA HA - I kill me!

BTW - it's "course" work not "coarse" work.... too funny. You make me miss school Jules - are you going to Sam Roberts today?

Joel said...

Essay writing and paper writing in college is much different than in highschool.
Here are a few tips on mistakes that I made so that you won't:
1) Grab the U of R styleguide from the bookstore. it is $8 and will tell you how to set up all your documents.
2) When referencing something, an idea or event, follow the styleguide for all information that isn't from your own head. (in reality, a lot of your research papers will be correllation & causation, so, "blah blah says this, so from that we can infer this.") I think at U of R you would use format "blah blah blah (tim, 38)"
3) University services do offer english tutoring for students who are starting off in English 100 and 101 and other classes. Look around!

Abigail Road said...

Well, if you're taking artsy fartsy classes, just write about "mans inhumanity to man", that's always a crowd pleaser with those types. :)