i am having issues

writing problems, i hate them, but there they are, bothering the hell out of me all the time.

there are times where i can get an assignment and have a ready to hand in 2 page paper within an hour or two. . . and then there are nights like these, when i have a very good thesis floating around my brain that just doesn't seam to want to come quietly and take it's place on the paper.

and as we can tell from that last paragraph my thesis isn't the only though that refuses to come out right.

i think my logic exam took a lot out of me this morning.
it was kind of multiple choice, which should have been easy, just a bunch of short arguments in which we had to identify antecedent, consequence and major premise, then state whether it was valid or invalid depending on whether or not the premise. . . . blah blah blah I've gone cross eyed. . . anyways, most of my answers used the same formula, and i don't know if i fucked up or if he wrote it that way to try and fuck us up.

. . . long story short, i am blaming that for my current writer's block for as many illogical reasons as i can find just to spite it.


does anyone agree that taking your boyfriend to a 'crab shack' and then refusing to be photographed with him is a really cruel way to tell him you've figured out his secret?

god. . . even (perhaps especially) that was lame


Abigail Road said...

Sometimes, I think that I should go back to school. But then I remember it's alot of fucking work, and I get over it. Kudos to you, for being able to do it!

Anonymous said...

I am WAY TOO ADDICTED to celebrity gossip.

wench said...

the crab shack idea sounds grand ;)

BTW logic has nothing to do with writing, and it's just a logic exam - and of course he wrote it that way on purpose - if he wrote it and didn't just plagurize it en masse from last semester's exam. then you're in trouble.