GIST #7 of 365

1) Vegetable pot stickers.

2) The baby can officially hear things this week, so Das Piper doesn't talk to me anymore, just my stomach.

Here is what baby has to say back to him:

3) Although yesterday was filled to the brim of crying and vomit and crying and vomit induced headaches, I feel great today!

4) I found the headphones for my ipod so I can have music when I go out!

5) My new CD finally arrived and I love it!

On another note, I can totally see why this working from home thing rarely works out for people. . . I would be done things twice as quickly if I weren't being interrupted every once in a while with fresh baked cookies and strawberries and das piper talking to my stomach.

on another other note, I would like to point out that none of the feelings from the previous post were directed at anyone who actually reads this blog. . . I am much too cowardly to be that obvious. . . actually that's a lie. one of the nice ones is for a friend who reads occasionally.


dk said...

That song is hilarious! Poof> you're a smoothie;) Hope your easter is grand I'm going to babysit my dad for the weekend. Yay yay!

Schmutzie said...