GIST#8 of 365

1) At this rate it will take me much much more than a year to complete the Grace in Small Things excersize. . . I am not a psychologist or anything, but I am pretty sure my subconscious self is intentionally drawing it out because my once bitter little brain is actually liking it.

2) Most women, especially pregnant women, bitch and moan and complain and cry when their partners come home drunk from a night out with friends. . . . This is really hard to do when said partner comes home drunk with gifts of french fries and foot rubs.

3) It's not raining anymore! I don't really mind rain all that much, but I like sunshine more, and according to the weather network there will be plenty of it this weekend.

4) Multi-grain wheat thins.

5) Although it broke Das Piper's back to do it, and although I will not be able to really enjoy it at all this summer for obvious reasons, the deck is up at the local pub. That is as much a sign of spring as robins and tulips.

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dk said...

I had such a great time with you on Saturday. If you need anything give me a holler. (sorry it just popped out and I didn't really want to take it back).

What are you doing about baby paraphanalia?

Hugs to heinikin