New Pants!

Thanks to the generosity of a very good friend of mine and her mother. I have new clothes! clothes that fit!

Hint: If you show up at people's houses and refuse to sit down because your pants are too tight and you look really uncomfortable, they take pity on you and buy you maternity pants.

Unfortunately the maternity pants were WAY to big because apparently my friend thought I was a first string linebacker for the Saskatchewan rough riders.

And by a lucky happenstance, my dear sweet Das Piper took pity on me as well and had purchased me maternity pants, in the right size, around the same time.

SoOo, when I went to exchange the gigantor pants my friend told me to go ahead and get myself whatever my little heart desired with the store credit.

On the sale rack, I found that for the price of one pair of pants, one can purchase a blouse, two sweaters, and a fancy scarf!

Now I get to go out in public wearing clothes that actually suit my age instead of my collection of over sized bunny hugs that have somehow made it from my high school days.

While shopping I couldn't help but send a little prayer of thanks up to the fashion gods that maternity fashion has taken so many leaps and bounds since my mom was pregnant with my little sister.

I remember having nightmares about my mother, swollen and balloon-like, being eaten by giant hideous pastel coloured flowers.

On a completely different note: Das Piper just made the best stove-stop stuffing EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EXISTENCE!


Malcolm+ said...

My sweet little girl . . . "Roughriders," one word. Rough Riders was once the name of a team in some backwoods Ontario mill town.

dk said...

and was also Teddy Roosevelt's gang.

i am the diva said...