A Really Boring Post With Lots Of Math.

I have decided that I want to use cloth diapers.

(Das Piper was weary to agree at first, until I assured him that I would do all of the diaper loads of laundry if he did the other laundry.)

Every time I tell this to anyone, especially mothers, the look at me with horror and bewilderment before pointing out that I live in an apartment building with coin op laundry and therefore can't use cloth diapers.

Well, for the record, yes I can, and I plan to give it a real try, because:

A) I have been occasionally accused of being a bit granola, and liking the earth kind of comes with that territory.

And B) Even with the coin op laundry, it is cheaper.

Now, math has never been my strong suit, but basic addition and multiplication, with the help of my calculator, isn't too much for my little brain to handle, so here we go.

Cost of a 40 pack of pampers diapers: 13.95$ Canadian.

That's about 0.35$/diaper.

Average baby uses about 7-10 diapers a day, according to "What To Expect in The First Year". I would assume a practical parent would budget for 10 a day just to be sure. I know I would.

So let's put the number of diapers needed in a week at 70.

giving us the approximate cost of 24.50$ per week for the next two years at least.

Assuming that I turn out to be a potty training goddess and my kid is out of diapers right at the 24 month mark, that puts the overall cost, not including wet wipes, at 2,352$

Cloth diapers, run a little high on start up cost, and assuming that I only want to do diaper laundry twice a week, which I do, I'll need about 40 - 50 diapers. which cost around 10$ a piece, maybe a little more if you want the fancy all in one diapers with all the fancy buttons so that they're one size fits most. which I do. . . those ones run around 15$ a diaper.

50 cloth diapers at 15$ a diaper is 750$

Cost of laundry detergent is 7.99$ for the liquid form of my brand, and does about 20-40 loads.
I never use the actual recommended amount because it's way too much, and for diapers you are supposed to use half of the recommended amount anyways, so lets say 40 washes, if not more.

40 washes would cover 20 weeks (not including other laundry) which would mean I would need to replace the detergent about 5 times in a 24 month span. A total cost of 39.95$

A load of laundry in my coin-op costs 2.25$. twice a week is about 18$/month.

So 432$ over 24 months.

Total cost of cloth diapers over a 24 month span: about 1,222$

what was that cost for disposables over the same 24 months again?. . . 2,352$

I wonder what I will do with my 1,130$?

Maybe I will take all of those people who tell me it can't be done out for lunch.


Malcolm+ said...

BabaJam saw something in the paper about a session on eco-babies Tuesday night. Give her a call.

dk said...

I used cloth diapers till the kids were about 3-4 months - at which point they had bitten me and it was onto the formula. They started eating pablum fair dinkum early, and the clothe diaper were fine till they started processing the formula and the food. At that point the disposables saved my sanity and my sense of smell. Good for you for trying.

Abigail Road said...

Nobody likes poop, and that's where the disposable ones come in handy. But I don't like the thought of millions of diapers in a land fill for the next 100 years, so good on you for going with cloth!