Dear Firt Born:

There are many many things that I would like to tell you.

At this particular moment, many of them have to do with getting you to stop moving around so much cause I am not used to it yet and it's making me feel kind of sick. You haven't listen to me say it out loud, so I doubt you will listen to a letter you can't read yet.

What this letter pertains to is mother's day. . . I know I know, it's kind of hard for you to pop out to the mall and get Daddy to buy me something pretty, you're off the hook for this year. . . This letter isn't about what I would want you to buy me, at least, not really, well, sort of. It has to do with advice on how to make mother's day easy on you.

That advice is this: Don't set the bar too high.

You see, that's what your Uncle Geekface and I did last year. Last year we spent a good deal of time filling out forms and finding appropriate ID in order to change our legal names to include Baba Jam's last one.

It was great! We simply included copies of the legal forms we'd filled out in the Mother's Day card we bought her and took her for breakfast at a restaurant that was inexplicably Baba and Guido's favourite at the time.

There were tears and hugs, and more tears, and Uncle Geekface and I had officially recognized all of the hard motherly type work that Baba Jam had done over the past few years.

The problem is. . . How does one top that?

Something tells me that no amount of flowers or jewelery (not that I can afford any of that) is going to get anywhere near the awesomeness of that mother's day gift.

Don't get me wrong child. . . Any gift from you would be loved and appreciated by me. As I am sure Baba Jam would love and appreciate anything I come up with now. It will not matter to me, but I know that it will matter to you, just like it matters to me now that I find something nice.

So please. . . As to not stress yourself out, stick to handmade paper flowers and silly cards, you and Daddy can take me out for breakfast and no one has to be stressed out about it.

I love you;


P.S. Let the record show that It is totally unfair that Uncle Geekface is currently out of the country and off the hook. . . The only thing he has to do to make Baba Jam Happy is come home safe bearing some cheep trinket from the airport in Rome.


BabaJam said...

I'd wear your macaroni necklace to work. I Love you, too.
- Babajam

dk said...

I like you babaJam ... and I like to give plants for mom's day - they're all fresh and growing and sometimes useful ;) like basil, or mint