GIST #10 Of 365

1) On Friday, I finally got to eat the lava cake that I had been craving. . . Thank you Cathedral Village Free House! It was like heaven on earth.

2) My doctor's appointment went very smoothly. . . Except for the part where the baby wouldn't hold still enough for the doctor to get an accurate heart rate reading. . . Is it surprising to anyone that the offspring of Das Piper and I is already being difficult?. . . I didn't think so.

3) I got a new bathing suit! Had I known that one could get a two piece bathing suit that was long enough for a monstrous torso, with enough room in the chest for fabulous, gigantic breasts, just by shopping at a maternity store, I would have done so years ago!

4) The Wailers. . . as in, Bob Marley and. . . ya know, those guys? . . . They're playing at this years folk fest! Isn't that cool?

5) I ran into Schmutzie and the Palinode. Even though I was too dumb at the time to make any real conversation, it was good to see them.

1 comment:

dk said...

Thank you for making me laugh early in the morning. Glad the tadpole is fine, don't know what to do about the smell in your hall and HOT DAMN - the Wailers. uber cool.

PS you and Das are never difficult,it must get it from the grandparents;)