GIST #12 of 365

1) As the pictures in the previous post indicate, our 20 week ultrasound went great. although our doctor hasn't reviewed the pictures yet, everything looks normal and healthy. And even though it turns out that my 'gut instinct' was totally wrong, I am absolutely ecstatic that we are having a little boy!

2) I know I've mentioned it already, and it's kind of old news but. . . I can use my own shampoo without gagging!!!! What a relief after 5 months of smelling like Das Piper. . . Who smells great by the way. . . It's just that I am a woman, and my fruity blend is much more feminine.

3) I have everything I need to start my balcony garden. . . Now I just need a nice warm and sunny day to do it outdoors because I am a huge klutz who doesn't feel like cleaning dirt out of our white/apartment coloured carpets. Better to make the mess where I can just push it over the edge of the deck and let the downstairs neighbours deal with it. (Having not yet put a face to this mysterious downstairs neighbour, I can do these kinds of things with little guilt.)

4) Tums

5) I made some fun wall art for the baby's room! Aren't I a crafty mama? crafty Papa (Das Piper) cut the shapes for me from some scrap wood, and with a little bit of paint and glitter I turned them into some pretty snappy dragonflies if I do say so myself. There are a few little baby dragonflies in the works as well, so here's hoping our baby doesn't get his daddy's sissy fear of bugs cause there will be a whole family of them right above his crib.

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