Hahahaha, Hahahaha, Hahahaha. . . . I F****ing told you so!

On a recent 'shoot' in the Vietnamese jungle, Bear Grylls nearly sliced his finger off while doing something stupid with a bamboo shoot.

Here's a picture of the carnage.

Bear Grylls himself had this to say about sustaining an injury while out in 'the wild' on his blog:

"I also sliced off the tip of another finger which bled like nobody's business, but the raw flesh is covering up now slowly. Dank, damp jungle conditions are bad for such injuries, trust me!"

I would love to trust him about that, except that the sentence before that one tells us how his production team flew him back to the UK to see a doctor. . . That's how bad ass ex RAF guys survive an injury in the jungle.

Thank you Bear Grylls for proving my previous point. . . Your survival methods are idiotic, and taking risks the way you do will get you hurt. which in an actual honest to god survival situation, can be the difference between life and death.

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