Fun Stuff To Do In Regina This Weekend

I used to think that the vast amount of drinking and chain smoking I did was in direct correlation with the lack of anything better to do all summer.

Now that such activities would be counter productive to my current project, I have found that, in fact, I was just too lazy to look very far for anything better.

Bazaart is this Saturday. . . This annual fundraiser for the McKenzie art gallery is basically like esty fell off of the Internet and landed in the parking lot of the Tommy Douglas building. The money raised by your gate admission helps to ensure that the McKenzie art gallery remains a free admission gallery for the rest of the year. And the money you spend on the many arts, crafts, and buskers inside support local artisans!

Ska band, The Realdeal, plays this weekend at the Distrikt night club. . .where you can still drink and smoke your face off if you so choose, but just going for a little live music on a Saturday night is a pretty good time all on its own as well. (except last time when I threw up over the side of the upper level of the outdoor smoking section surrounded by drunk guys being all disgusted and shouting 'dude! She's so drunk!'. . . I was offended, I have never thrown up my alcohol thank you very much, it's just that morning sickness doesn't only happen in the morning.)

If free is the aim of your game, the Spray Pads located around the city are now open. It's got the same refreshment power of an outdoor pool, only in sprinkler format. I personally like the one located Kinsmen south. . . Make sure to wear water shoes though, it's grad season and the drunken not-so-high-school students think it's funny to break their beer bottles around the park.

See! there you have it! plenty of fun stuff to do around this city that doesn't have to do with chain smoking or drinking lots of beer. . . Although I really wouldn't mind spending an afternoon on the pub patio. . . anyone interested in a game of scrabble this weekend? I am sure the wait staff aren't sick of serving me water quite yet.

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Alyssa said...

Hi Julian! Do you remember me from Campbell? Hopefully yes, and hopefully you will still want to play scrabble NEXT weekend. I'm visiting Regina for a few weeks starting the 24th, and I would really love to catch up with you!