My work life has fallen into an easy rhythm. . . the toddler eats naps and poops like clock work. . . A quality I find very convenient if a little creepy. . . like really, how do your tiny bowels know that it is 8:35 am? The convenient part about it is that his afternoon nap (aka: I can turn off the cartoons and listen to adult conversation on the radio) starts at the same time the news ends and The Point starts on CBC, and continues until his mother returns home at 3:30, which means that I can pretty much mentally check out at 2 o'clock every day.

Yesterday on The Point, they were discussing the perfect summer mix tape. Not only did my heart give a tiny swoon over that fact that they used the term 'mix tape' and not 'play list', but it, and todays heat, also got me thinking about my own summer soundtrack. The links under the artist's name will take you to their home page, and for the songs that have videos on YouTube, the link under the song title will take you there!

Corrine Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On - I can't get enough of this song! Want to know why? Put on your prettiest summer dress and go for a walk, run errands, walk to the pub, whatever, if you do it with this song in your earphones you'll feel an extra bounce in your step.

Joel Plaskett - Run Run Run - Some summer days it's just too hot to move very quickly. . . The slow classic rock beat of this song from his newest album, Three, is perfect for just such a day.

Prince - Musicology - Need to funk out and feel sexy in the worst way? plug this one in and get ready to strut! I would love to link you but there is no official Prince website, and no video for this song on YouTube. . . so you'll have to go find it on itunes yourself.

Dala - Drive Through Summer - This duo just released a new album, I haven't heard the whole thing yet but I am sure it's good. If you're into folky chicks with cowboy boots and peasant skirts, this songs a good bet. . . And P.S. Whoever I lent their first album to, could you please call me and return it?

Ron Sexsmith - Brandy Alexander - Leslie Feist also has a version of this song that the two wrote together on her album The Reminder. I like this version because of the jazzy brass in the background.

The Be Good Tanyas - littlest bird - Blue Grass is the sound of summer on the prairie as far as I am concerned. This song is perfect for driving through the never ending fields of southern Saskatchewan.

Bedouin soundclash - Gyasi Went Home - What summer mix would be complete without a little reggae vibe? Any song off any album from this band would be perfect, but this has caused me to embarrass myself while walking around town with it's dancability, so it has a special place in my heart.

flaming lips - do you realize - It may have been the contact high, but when I saw the flaming lips perform this song live last summer at the Pemberton music festival, I cried. . . Ever since then I can't get enough of it.

Portishead - roads - If you've ever taken the bus through the prairies, you know that the key to keeping your sanity is to stare into the distance and just go zen. . . This song saved my life last summer, I dare you to try not being hypnotized by the lead singers voice.

Goldfrapp - happiness - This song just has an airiness to it that will surely cool you down this summer. . . a good travelling song, it's definitely a toe tapper. . . and you must check out the video! It's one of my favourites.

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