GIST #14 of 365

1) Blue Freezies make teething toddlers my friend.

2) Teething toddlers who are my friend nap on the proper schedual for the first time in 3 days.

3) And eat all of their lunch without throwing any in my general direction.

4) We were such good friends today that we even made up a new game called 'throw toys in the air and then laugh'. I am not sure I got the point, but I suppose we had fun.

5) My new friend even gave me a hug good-bye as I was leaving and waved at the window with a smile.


dk said...

Are the blue ones razzleberry?

Pocket.Buddha said...

I do not know. . . I don't know this particular child well enough to share his drool covered freezies with him. . . so I didn't try it.