GIST #17 of 365

1) Although the rest of the day was a grumpy one for both of us, the Teething Toddler and I took a 35 minute walk during which neither of us cried or sighed in frustration. . . Well, I walked, he lounged in his stroller and pointed at interesting things along the way.

2) I had yogurt and granola for lunch and it was DELICIOUS!

3) The teeny weeny owl hat I ordered for the baby from Madhelmeteer on Etsy should be here any day!

4) Also on their way; 25 prefold diapers that I only paid about 3$ a piece for. . . sweet deal!

5) Das Piper had a great first father's day. . . and I enjoyed it too. . . There's nothing like gorging yourself on three heaping buffet plates followed by a long nap and a baba cooked meal. . . I am pretty sure I gained 10 pounds yesterday.

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