GIST #13 of 365 A.K.A Grocery Shopping Is My New Favorite Pass Time

1) Corn on the cob.

2) Fresh cherries.

3) Brie from the Bulk Cheese Warehouse.

4) Watermelon

5) My favorite yogurt on sale.


dk said...

what's your favorite yogurt? Mine is Activia vanilla with fresh and/0or frozen razzleberries .. mmmm.

We missed you at Anna's stagette darlin', hope you're feeling well.

Pocket.Buddha said...

lol. I am sure you did. But you had a choice between me, or Jaime and that creepy fantastic dirty cake she made. . . I had a nice quiet night showing Das Piper how to change a baby's diaper.

dk said...

ahhh - I didn't know. Sometimes the group dynamics are simply beyond my grasp. Diaper changing lessons are a good thing. Bet he's glad there's sticky tape and velcro - not the fingertip mangling giant diaper pins I used. Ouch!
I wonder how many kids have that little scar on their upper hip?